Training Tips and Tricks

Whether you are a seasoned obstacle course enthusiast or making Hell in the Harbour your first experience, preparing yourself with a proper training program and nutrition plan is always a great way to prepare yourself for the urban terrain, obstacles and  to prevent injuries.

Our local supporters at ALP Training Institute here in Stoney Creek has provided a 3 day training program that they have designed for specification for Obstacle Course racing. This program can be modified for all fitness levels and provides full-body workouts to help with your preparation.

Contact Spencer at ALP Training Institute for an exclusive offer to train in preparation for Hell in the Harbour! (2824 Barton St East) Phone: 289-246-9000

Tips to prepare for race day!

  • Hydration 4/5 days out from the race 3/5Litres of water Daily
  • Carbing up preferable with healthy foods before the race 1-2 days out so you have proper energy storage (Sweet potatoes, Brown Rice, Veggies, electrolytes)
  • Do not work out HEAVY before race day rest/taper 1 – 2 days out
  • Compression Sleeves, Shorts, Tops, Pants (Protection, also keeping the joints and body warm)
  • Dynamic warm up on race day, nothing held longer than 5 – 10 seconds
  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Leg Swings
  3. High Knees
  4. Football Toe Sweeps
  5. Light jogging
  6. Arm Circles
  7. Core Warm ups (Sit ups, Leg Raises, Bicycle Crunches)
  • Gloves arm optional but I would not recommend them specially if they get muddy, they will only protect your hands for so long

Obstacle course Preparation program!


Muscular Endurance, Aerobic, Metabolic conditioning

Training Tips:

  • Hill Springs x5 30/1min rest per sets
  • Short distance run intervals
  • Trail running (muddy-dirt paths)
  • Work on grip strength
  • Trail running shoes
  • Compression elbow sleeves
  • Compression shorts or pants
  • Hydration is huge!
  • Gloves will slow you down

Day 1

Super SetRest 30-60 sec

– Air Squats 4×20 reps

– Push-ups 4×20 reps

Super SetRest 30-60sec

– Lateral Lunge ALT Hops 3×20

– Plank Shoulder touches 3×20

AMRAP 10 minutes (As many rounds as possible)

– 10 Burpees

– 30 Mountain Climbers

– 10 Inch Warms + push up static

– 10 Sit ups

Day 2

Super Set Rest 30-60 sec

– Walking Lunges 3×20 per

– Lateral Plank Walks 3×10 per

Super SetRest 30-60 sec

– High jumps 4×10

– Hand release push ups 4×10

AMRAP 10 minutes (As many rounds as possible)

– 20 Russian Twists

– 10 jumping jacks

– 10 squat hops 180 twist

– 10 plank sagittal arm raise

Day 3

Super SetRest 30-60 sec

– Dumb bell Deadlifts 3×20

– Box over step ups with heavy weight in each hand 3x 20 steps


Super SetRest 30-60sec

– Squat & lightweight shoulder press 3×20

– Straight Leg raises 3×20


AMRAP 10 minutes (As many round as possible)

– 10 mountain climbers

– 10 jumping jacks

– 10 Plank shoulder touches

– 10 crunches